The Photo Cascadia Blog Has Moved!

Over the past couple of months, the Photo Cascadia team has been working hard to launch the newly renovated version of  The new site is cleaner, easier to navigate and the image galleries are gorgeous.  If you haven’t been to the new site you are officially invited to come on over and give it a tour!

Come check out the new site!

One of the changes that came with the new site is that the Photo Cascadia blog is now being hosted there instead of on Word Press.  Our past articles will continue to be archived at the old blog for a while, but all new articles will be published at the new location. If you are a subscriber to the Photo Cascadia blog, make sure that you visit the new blog and subscribe via email or RSS feed so that you will continue to get notice of new articles when they are published.  If you are not yet a subscriber to our blog you are officially invited to join us.

Make sure to subscribe to the new blog feed so you don't miss any articles.

In its new home, the blog still features the same helpful and free photography articles that Photo Cascadia has become known for. All our archived articles have been moved over for you to reference and search as well. There are some real advantages to hosting the Photo Cascadia blog on the new Photo Cascadia site. The blog now has the same clean look and interface as the new website and you no longer have to go a different web address to access blog content. Additionally, now that the blog is integrated with the main site, all the menus, galleries, news, workshop listings and contact forms are easier and more efficient to access from the blog. Finally, housing the blog at the same address as the rest of the website will, in time, improve our search engine visibility so people will have more opportunities to find us on the web.

We look forward to seeing you at the new blog and are excited to continue sharing our passion for outdoor photography with you!


~ by photocascadia on November 30, 2011.

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