Springtime in the Palouse by Chip Phillips

I have been very busy with many workshops and lots to shoot in the Palouse.  Spring is a very popular time around here!

I would like to post some of the types of images we have been shooting this year.  It has been an exciting season so far, and it is far from over.


Green Velvet Palouse Hills

Balsam Root and Tree at Sunset Palouse

Cottonwood Rows Palouse

Deer at Sunset Palouse Hills

Palouse Watercolors

Palouse Curves

Wheel Fence and Barn, Uniontown Washington


~ by photocascadia on June 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “Springtime in the Palouse by Chip Phillips”

  1. All of these shots are magnificent, but I am truly shocked by the beauty of the composition with the Balsam Root and Tree! Was that one taken with a tilt-shift lens? If not, how did you accomplish such incredibly unlimited DOF? The whole post was inspirational–thank you! Cindy

  2. Looks like Tuscany 🙂


  4. Wonderful as always Chip. I love your take on the wheel fence and the balsam root are amazing.

  5. beautiful images and abstract. Splendid

  6. These are really stunning Chip. The colors and textures are magical.

  7. Beautiful … Palouse Watercolors is breath-taking!

  8. Very captivating. I love the bouncy colours and playful textures.

  9. A really beautiful series. I’ve admired previous shots from the same area on your web site. The light is just beautiful, added to the delicate textures and shapes. Really great area, beautifully photographed..

  10. The area was incredible to see in person and well worth the 10 hour drive. Great shots!

  11. Awesome Chip! Thanks for being such a great inspiration to me and many others.

  12. I hope to be there in a couple of weeks. I hope it is still just as beautiful as your amazing photos then.

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