Monet’s Canadian Rockies-by Chip Phillips

I recently took a short trip up to the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada. The area is quite beautiful this time of year, and most of the roads are plowed throughout the winter.

Mount Chephren Mist

I shot this image shortly after sunrise one morning. The clouds parted and Mount Chephren began to show through the mist. The scene reminded me of a Monet painting, specifically one of his images from his Rouen Cathedral series. Claude Monet was a painter who was particularly drawn to the effect that light has on a subject, much like we are as photographers. He painted over 30 different images of the same exact scene to illustrate how light, atmospheric conditions, and time of year affect an identical scene. This is the one it reminded me of- Rouen Cathedral Facade (Morning Effect)

For example, here is the same scene painted by Monet under different lighting conditions-Rouen Cathedral Facade (Grey Weather)

Here’s one more, just cause it’s so cool: Rouen Cathedral Facade (Dull Day)

Obviously we all know that lighting is important. I think these paintings in particular really illustrate how dramatically light can influence a scene. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.


~ by photocascadia on March 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Monet’s Canadian Rockies-by Chip Phillips”

  1. Hi Chip,

    Nice to finally have met you, the correct spelling of the mountain is Chephren just in case you want to update your EXIF data –


  2. Sometimes it’s easy to just watch the light on the landscape and forget about photography. It can be awe inspiring.

    Paintings. Music. Photography. To me they’re all tied together.

  3. Insightful.

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