Advanced Selections and Masking Preview Video

by Zack Schnepf

Please forgive me, I’m still getting over a cold. This is a short video preview of a video I’m producing on advanced selections and masking.  For me, these techniques are the heart of what make Photoshop the industry standard in photo editing.  No other software can give you this level of control over every aspect of your editing.  The full video will be available within a few months and will only cost a fraction of what a one on one photoshop workshop costs.  I’ll also be producing more videos focusing on everything from beginning Photoshop, to professional level advanced techniques. I’m starting with advanced selections and masking because they are the backbone of my own editing workflow.



~ by photocascadia on March 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Advanced Selections and Masking Preview Video”

  1. Good for you Zack. This should fill a need in the photo community.

  2. Zack, this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I’ve been waiting for! I’m looking forward to the release of a detailed video to help take my PP skills to the next level.

  3. Great info.
    Another great resource on luminosity masking that I know of is Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks

    He sells a set of Photoshop actions that I use almost every day.

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