Fallen Arch

By Zack Schnepf

This past week the iconic Keyhole Arch collapsed.  It was located at Cape Kiwanda, north of Pacific City, Oregon.  I’ve been visiting this location since I was a teenager, I would camp on the beach next to this spot.  At the time, I wished I could capture the grandeur, but I didn’t even own a camera.  It was experiences like this that motivated me to become a photographer in the first place.  Two weeks ago I was finally able to return and photograph the arch properly.  I’m so fortunate I was able to do so before the collapse.


It’s always sad when we lose a natural wonder like this, but that is just part of the natural cycle, we lose one wonder while another is being created.  I’m grateful for the time I was able to spend at Keyhole Arch.  You can see a video I captured while I was setting up for the shoot here: Video



~ by photocascadia on January 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “Fallen Arch”

  1. Very beautiful shots–I’m so sorry to hear that this amazing formation collapsed. . . There is, or was, a beautiful rock formation in New Hampshire, closer to where I live, called The Old Man of the Mountain, I believe, that collapsed a few years ago and many people were saddened by that too. . .

  2. So sorry for the way it turned out…
    I had a similar experience last year when i found out that one of my favorite waterfalls has collapsed and flows differently. It is still kind of pretty but nothing compared to the previous water draperies it resembled…

    The photos are superb and now even more valuable after the arc no longer exists 🙂

  3. Those are absolutely stunning photos. I guess I’ll never get to see it now but fortunately I have these beauties to look at.

  4. Interesting how we may never know the uniqueness of a photograph until something like this happens. Now you have the last great parting shot – I’m so glad you got it.

  5. Count your blessings that you got such good light and low tide at the same time. I have been about a dozen times to Cape Kiwanda in the past 3-4 years and have NEVER gotten any light that comes close to this.

  6. Very very impressive and beautiful landscape. I prefer the second picture !


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