By Zack Schnepf

I’ve been teaching a lot of online Photoshop workshops lately, and one of the questions I always get is how best to prepare photos for the web.  Preparing images for the web can be confusing when you’re first starting out.  Many programs like Lightroom and iphoto can simplify the process with one button image prep, but the best and most powerful way is still manually preparing your images in Photoshop.  In this video I demonstrate my own techniques for compressing photos for the web.

I highly recommend making an action for these repetitive steps.  My normal web compression action is almost 30 steps long, but it included lots of advanced auto alignment steps for my watermark.  This is a simplified version of my usual method.

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~ by photocascadia on June 22, 2010.


  1. Thanks allot for sharing this information 🙂

  2. This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good info Z.

  4. Great tutorial Zack! Very similar to my method, but I can’t believe I never knew about the Fit Image function. I’ll have to go back and rebuild my actions. Instead of having separate actions for horizontal and vertical images I can build a single action. Sweet.

  5. Hi Zack,
    nice tutorial, can I suggest a few improvements though:
    You do not need to convert to 8bit and srgb. The dialogue box Save for Web&Devices does this automatically.
    Hope this helps 🙂

    • Actually, this isn’t true for earlier versions of photoshop. I made this so it would work for as many versions of photoshop as possible. It is true if you have CS5 you don’t have to convert to 8bit, or SRGB anymore as you can indeed change them in the Web/Devices tool.


  6. I have Photoshop CS3 and it does work there too. Because the button is called “Save for Web”, Adobe knows the image needs to be 8bit and sRGB.
    Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks for this Zack, the sharpening bit was especially enlightening.

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