Abstract Nature Photography

By Adrian Klein

In my latest podcast I cover the topic of abstract photography. Prior to the last couple years I had taken little in the way of abstract images. Not because I never see them but more because I was trying to focus on the grand landscapes only thinking that is what I need to do to push my photography forward. After becoming comfortable in what I want to shoot and being ok with the fact it’s not about wide-angle landscapes all the time I started to enjoy photography even more. As much as I like shooting the big grand scenes it is not something that always appeals to me. Not to mention at times the landscape scenes are not there. Photography is about art, and it’s limitations really should be non-existent which includes how we interprate different scenes. These days I find myself branching out to take different kinds of images, and abstracts are the types I seem most drawn to. It really allows you and your audience to see a common or familiar subject in a whole new way. Below are some images I reference in the podcast. Happy listening!

Listen to this episode
(please be patient, may take 15 to 30 seconds for audio to start depending on your internet connection speed or vist my website www.adrianklein.com to subscribe)

“Snow Line”

“Desert Lizard”



~ by photocascadia on March 3, 2010.

One Response to “Abstract Nature Photography”

  1. Amazing blog! I’m SUPER impressed. Just listened to the podcast, which was very interesting! Next time I’m out photographing I will try to incorporate some of your advice.

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